Making HTC Beautiful

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Making HTC Beautiful

H2H is a new Aveda salon in the Greater Indianapolis area, as of January 2014! We are located in the heart of Hamilton County at Hamilton Town Center. Our space has been completely transformed with the help of Kort Builders and Phanomen Design, and we could not be more excited about this transformation!
We are an Aveda Lifestyle Salon filled with some of the most talented stylists in the greater Indianapolis area. We have tailored our core values to support an environment where diversity is embraced, creativity is nourished, and quality is our priority. The H2H team is dedicated to creating an ultimate personal experience for each of our guests.

We believe success in this industry requires the understanding that beauty is an ever-evolving art. We pride ourselves on our continuous education to remain focused on new trends and upcoming styles to provide the best haircut, color, style, and make-up services. We strive to offer the highest level of quality service provided by highly skilled, compassionate and creative stylists.

We use these values to hold ourselves accountable for how we engage with the community, each other, and our clients. They drive our behaviors. A value is something that defines expected behavior, it is a standard to which we measure performance.

5 Core Values

We want our employees to feel confident in themselves, in their work, and in our team, but this isn’t just about us. H2H is dedicated to ensuring that our clients leave the salon with a sense of confidence, beauty, and value.
Let’s bring more of our passion into our work, more of our imagination to reality. We embrace our team’s individuality and we encourage our team as well as our guests to express themselves.
This is about embracing all forms of diversity, in our team and our business. We are a home for any and every person. As stylists, receptionists, and assistants we are here to provide a personalized experience for our clients, tailored to their diverse views and needs.
We cannot stress the importance of integrity in our industry. Caring about your reputation as well as the reputation of the salon. Invest in yourself, because who will invest in you if you aren’t willing to?
At H2H, we believe that choosing to have a positive attitude can really change the world we live in. We are day makers, confidants, and friends to our guests. We expect optimism and respect as individuals and as a team in order to maintain the upbeat and enjoyable atmosphere that is H2H.